Our Vision is to have the best cardiovascular healthcare system in the world by ensuring that people diagnosed with the disease receive the best possible care in Zimbabwe, regardless of their standard of living, race, age, gender and religion.

Our Mission is to assist people with, and at risk of cardiovascular disease by providing comprehensive care, information and guidance on how to minimize their risk, alleviate suffering, disabilities and death and implementing policies and programs that improve cardiovascular healthcare in Zimbabwe.




Guaranteed regular donation income is vital to the work of the organization. It enables us to fund with certainty long term research programs as well as enabling us to secure medication, engage communities, facilitate awareness and education campaigns through the use of various media to  reduce the risk and impact of heart disease on  individuals and families.  

Individual Partners are well wishers who have made the commitment of making donations  towards the life saving work of the organization. They come from all walks of life: common to all their resolve to take a stand against heart disease which is still the biggest threat to our families and friends.

Corporate Partners are small, medium and large organizations that interest themselves in the work of the organization by sponsoring an aspect of the organization’s valuable work,  donating goods and services in kind or making a contribution towards the day to day running of the organization. Our Corporate partners do not only save lives and improve the cardiovascular delivery system of the country but also improve the national economy since  unalleviated heart  diseases are a burden to the economy. More than 80 percent of deaths worldwide related to cardiovascular disease now occur in developing countries, this threatens economic growth and  reduces productivity.

Corporates and Individuals can partner with us in the services and products they offer. These among others include Internet Services, Stationery, Fuel, Transportation, Medical drugs and sundries, Specialist services and expertise to mention a few.

The Foundation needs 4x4 Vehicles for rural and remote outreaches, medical supplies, medical and office equipment, financial and human resources, clothes, blankets and shoes of various sizes for our less privileged beneficiaries.

We look forward to partnering with you

Together we can