The Heart Foundation of Zimbabwe is a non- governmental, non–political and non- profit making welfare organization whose core objective is to meet the healthcare needs of people suffering from various heart diseases in Zimbabwe.


The Foundation is committed to the ongoing fight against the world’s foremost health problem - heart disease, and the improvement of cardiovascular care through medical research, professional education, counseling, public awareness, fund-raising and funding for heart surgeries, treatment and management of cardiovascular diseases.

The Foundation shall solicit and fundraise for local and international heart surgeries, for the procurement and distribution of cardiovascular drugs, sundries and equipments to major hospitals and health centres across Zimbabwe. Furthermore, the Foundation shall, from time to time, host international heart specialists and surgeons to Zimbabwe to compliment the existing specialty in the country.

Heart surgery is complex and very expensive, heart drugs and sundries are also very expensive and most of the time in short supply, especially in rural and remote areas of Zimbabwe. The unalleviated heart diseases and the inadequate support and awareness in the country is a cause for  concern.  The Foundation seeks to address most of these challenges.

Globally, CVD is already the leading cause of death not only in developed countries but also, since the mid-1990s, in developing countries. CVD far surpasses infectious and parasitic diseases as the leading cause of death on the planet. According to WHO, Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) remain the number one cause of deaths globally: more people die annually from CVDs than  from any other cause, Low- and middle-income  countries are disproportionally affected: over 82% of CVD deaths take place in low - and middle-income countries and occur almost equally in men and women. People in low- and middle-income countries are more exposed to risk factors leading to CVDs and other non-communicable diseases and are less exposed to prevention efforts than people in high-income  countries. The Heart Foundation Of Zimbabwe is spearheading and bridging  gaps between patients and specialists and shall work with the available local cardiologists and surgeons for the improvement of the well being of cardiac  patients.  

Our Vision is to have the best cardiovascular healthcare system in the world by ensuring that people diagnosed with the disease receive the best possible care in Zimbabwe, regardless of their standard of living, race, age, gender and religion.

Our Mission is to assist people with, and at risk of cardiovascular disease by providing comprehensive care, information and guidance on how to minimize their risk, alleviate suffering, disabilities and death and implementing policies and programs that improve cardiovascular healthcare in Zimbabwe.

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